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Prof. Francisco J. Ibañez

The Lab belongs to Instituto de Fisicoquímica Teórica y Aplicada (INIFTA), La Plata, Argentina


Research Scope

The Nanoscience and Nanomaterials bring about a great deal of interest due to their size-dependent properties.  Perhaps one of the most appealing properties relays on electron transport via electron hopping and light absorption by plasmons.  For instance, small Au nanoparticles, dispersed in a solvent, absorb light in different electromagnetic spectra depending on their size.  Macroscopic metals expand their lattice upon high temperatures however, graphene (a bidimensional honeycomb arrangement of carbon atoms) has demonstrated to decrease its lattice upon annealing.  In this lab we are interested in fundamental and applied science related to sensors, electrocatalysis, photocatalysis, and energy related issues.

News & Events

Looking for Posdoc Position and Ph D candidates.  Applications start in June-July every year unless other wise informed in this page.  Send your CV to the below email address


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Diagonal 113 y calle 64 (Sin Numero), La Plata, Buenos Aires.  Zip Code 1900