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Nanoparticles´Film sensor

NPs Sensing-hopping_edited.png
NPs Sensing-hopping_edited.png

Sensors and Electrocatalysis Group


Graphene Photoanodes

Graphene Photoanodes.tif

Multidisciplinary Work

Pics from the Group

Santiago and Francisco giving a talk at Colegio Nacional (UNLP)

Santiago Barrionuevo-Colegio
Clase INTI 2019.JPG
Premios Innovar 2019.JPG
Con Mickael Mireux-02.JPG

Celeste receiving an Award from the Major of Louisville (USA)

in a Clean Room at INTI (with Dr. Gustavo Giménez


taking a Break with David, Mickael, and Santi

Nanoscience needs multidisciplinary backgrounds to achive the proposed goals.  Therefore, our Lab receives people with different bakgrounds that ranges from theoretical Physics, Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Biology, Electrical Engineering, and Material Science Engineering.

The requierement to join the lab relays on the student must be egear to do research, to ask the right questions, to create, and to love science.

receiving an award from University of La Plata

Premio UNLP.jpg
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